Driving While Impaired


Being arrested for driving while impaired by drugs or alcohol is a very serious offense in North Carolina, especially since DWI offenses often involve serious injuries or deaths for individuals who you are sharing the road with. If charged, you may be penalized with jail time, heavy fines, community service, license suspension or revocation. In addition to the immediate penalties that you may face, you will also receive a permanent stain on your criminal record. This record may make it difficult for you to secure future employment.

Even if a driver has a blood alcohol concentration that is below the legal limit, that person can still be convicted of DWI if it can be shown that his or her driving abilities were impaired due and/or alcohol or drugs.

When facing DWI accusations, you will be required to appear before the court. It is in your best interest to work with a skilled attorney before entering the courtroom alone.  I know how to protect the rights of the accused and will exhaust my resources in order to do so on your behalf. You are innocent until proven guilty. I will work tirelessly to achieve your goals.


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